Working Environments

For over 75 years, talented people have given our company a face. Today, we are an international group of companies with more than 1,200 employees and, in addition to tradition, we stand above all for innovation.

The power of a medium-sized company with the complexity of a group

Despite our growth and our size, we have been able to maintain our family character as a medium-sized company. We are located all over the world and our local contacts create a special proximity to our customers. At the same time, we are all part of the JÄGER Group, whether in a neighboring office or thousands of kilometers away – united by common values, a collegial cooperation and the ambition to be successful together. Co-operation, across companies and between the employees, is therefore very important to us.

Green is not only our logo!

In all our production and service processes, we take care to keep the impact on air, soil and water as low as possible. In the same way, we feel a social responsibility towards our employees and ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

I particularly appreciate the fact that, despite the constantly growing size, our family atmosphere and our short communication channels have not been lost.

The Jäger family – success is made by people

Besides our products, it is primarily the people who shape our company. Those who work at Jäger encounter a colorful mixture of skills and personalities among our employees. We employ creative minds who bring innovation and development competence, consultants with strong communication skills and a high degree of customer orientation, as well as manufacturing and logistics experts in production and in the warehouse. In addition, you will meet strategists, lateral thinkers and service providers who think outside the box, shape the direction of the company and keep their backs clear for their colleagues in operations. We are international, diverse and do our work with passion.

Working together in the JÄGER Group

From A for working time to Z for personal goals – every employee has the opportunity to develop individually. The flexible working time model gives all employees the freedom to find the optimal time of day for themselves. Whether it’s a Christmas party or a summer celebration, an anniversary, a company run or an employee event: on very special occasions we all come together and celebrate our successes together.