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Regionality that connects! That is what our decentralized structures are all about. With us, you still have the advantage of being able to turn to a contact person around the corner. With a total of 8 sales locations, a central logistics center as well as various production facilities in Germany and Poland, this means for you: No matter whether you are located in the north, south, west or east of Germany and whether your challenges need to be considered with international foresight or regional sense of proportion, we are pleased to be able to support you.

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“Hello and welcome to the European Capital of Culture 2025. 

Our team from the Chemnitz site will be happy to answer all your questions about rubber and plastic materials. Whether standard product or individual development, molded part or extrudate, elastomer or thermoplastic – we will be happy to advise you and look forward to your inquiry.

Located on the A72 and A4 motorways, we can also visit and advise you on site in a very short time if you wish. So if you would like to make a personal appointment, please feel free to contact us by mail or phone.” 

Borssenanger 6
09113 Chemnitz
Tel +49-371 52057-0
Fax +49-371 52057-12

Branch Manager

Swen Schubert


“Welcome to our location in the heart of the Ruhr area.

As a competent and experienced team, we ensure your satisfaction in the areas of quality, security of supply, development and service. We will be pleased to advise you by telephone and also personally on all matters relating to elastomers and plastics.

Between the A52 and A40 motorways, we can reach you within a very short time, and if you wish, we can also support you on site with our trained field service.

We look forward to meeting you!”

Heinrich-Held-Straße 33
45133 Essen
Tel +49-201 436197-0
Fax +49-201 436197-21

Branch Manager

Heiko Schneider

Tel: +49 201 436197 12
Mobile: +49 151 11459456

Postal codes:
33, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 59

Sales Representative

Tim Panster

Tel: +49 201 436197 19
Mobile: +49 151 14632857

Postal codes:
50, 51, 52, 53, 57, 58

Frankfurt – Maintal

“Hello and welcome to our location in the heart of the Rhine-Main area.

With us, you will receive expert as well as individual advice for your specific project. High quality standards for standard articles as well as for innovative new developments are a matter of course for us. Do you focus on security of supply and reliable and friendly service? Then our Frankfurt location is the right place for you.

Situated in the A3A45A66 triangle, we can reach you quickly and easily in the region if required, so that we can provide customer-oriented advice for crucial processes. Of course, we are also happy to support you by phone or web meeting.”

Wilhelm-Röntgen-Straße 28
63477 Maintal-Dörnigheim
Tel +49-6181 9403-0
Fax +49-6181 9403-22

Branch Manager

Thomas Wutke

Sales Representative

Oliver Geißler

Sales Representative

Lukas Reiter

Sales Representative

Peter Zalewski


“Moin Moin and welcome to the Hanseatic city!

The Jäger Hamburg team is very happy to be at your disposal at any time as a competent and reliable development partner for all matters relating to rubber and plastics. We think in solutions and are immediately available in person, by phone or by media.

We would also be happy to arrange a visit with one of our sales representatives at your site.

We create added value for your needs.”

Brunnenkoppel 26
22041 Hamburg
Tel. +49-40 639055-0
Fax +49-40 639055-22

Branch Manager

Tim Eltze

Sales Representative

Andreas Fröhner

Tel: +49 406 3905516
Mobile: +49 151 11459491

19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25

Industries Manager Windenergy

Heiko Lammers

Tel: +49 441 38038620
Mobile: +49 160 5358200



“Good day to you in the capital of Lower Saxony!

At our corporate headquarters, most of our employees from sales, purchasing, quality assurance and central product management are at your disposal. In addition, our product and process development team will help you with any questions you may have about your specific project. We are characterized by our proximity to our holding company and thus to all centrally managed departments such as HR or finance and accounting.

Is your company located in our area? Then we are pleased to be able to support you with our competent team and advice tailored to your needs, from standard and standard parts to individual new developments.”

Bissendorfer Straße 6
30625 Hannover
Tel. +49-511 5358-0
Fax +49-511 5533-94

Branch Manager

Mike Sabionski

Sales Representative

Hannes Bolting

Sales Representative

Robert Gurka

Industries Manager Agriculture

Lukas Grünig

Sales Representative

Oksana Holovey

Customer Service

Irina Kloster

Sales Representative

Henning Schröer

Hanover – Logistikzentrum

“Our central logistics center in Hanover enables us to distribute and ship your goods quickly and reliably. Here, our employees work daily to provide you with an optimal service offer with regard to specified delivery times, individual packaging specifications or even the grouping of deliveries.

In addition, one of our focuses is a reliable incoming goods inspection, so that we can offer you permanently clear quality standards.”

Hägenstraße 3 a
30559 Hannover
Tel. +49-511 5358-0
Fax +49-511 5533-94

Nuremberg – Fürth

“Welcome to our location in the center of Bavaria!

Your satisfaction is our goal! We ensure this with our competent and experienced team from Jäger Nuremberg. In the areas of quality, security of supply, development and service, we are at your side and will be happy to advise you in person as well as by telephone or via web meeting on all aspects of elastomers and plastics.

The good geographical location allows us with our team to support your company, throughout Bavaria, Thuringia and Austria, on site if desired.

We look forward to meeting you!”

Flößaustr. 24 b
90763 Fürth
Tel +49-911 99614-0
Fax +49-911 99614-22

Branch Manager

Werner Kruckenberg

Sales Representative

Dieter Lödel

Sales Representative

Christian Recht

Sales Representative

Joachim Reindl


“Moin and welcome to Oldenburg!

For more than 5 decades we have been advising and supporting companies in the northwest of Lower Saxony and Bremen. Our experienced team is there for you, for all questions and possible problems in the field of rubber and plastics. Together with you we try to develop and produce the best possible solution for your individual application. For this purpose, we can draw on a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes.

We are also available for personal discussions at your site. Just get in touch with us!”

Mellumstraße 3a
26125 Oldenburg
Tel +49-441 380386-0
Fax +49-441 380386-22

Branch Manager

Thomas Dyckrup

Sales Representative

Rainer Brügma

Industries Manager Windenergy

Heiko Lammers

Stuttgart – Fellbach

“Welcome to our location, Fellbach, the gateway to the Rems Valley.

Located in the center of Baden-Württemberg, we have been ensuring your satisfaction in the areas of quality, development and service for over 65 years. We will be happy to advise you by telephone or in person on all matters relating to elastomers and plastics.

We can reach you on site in the shortest possible time and can respond specifically to your wishes. Our qualified team is there to support you.”

Gutenbergstraße 14
70736 Fellbach-Schmiden
Tel +49-711 951926-0
Fax +49-711 951926-20

Branch Manager

Jörg Zitzelsberger

Sales Representative

Dietmar Barth

Sales Representative

Bastian Wondratschek

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