High qual­i­ty seal for your appli­ca­tion

Through our uti­liza­tion of high­ly engi­neered pro­files, our seals dis­play supe­ri­or seal­ing per­for­mance. This proven per­for­mance encom­pass­es noise vibra­tion damp­ing, reduced air­borne & struc­ture borne noise, and leak elim­i­na­tion. Ulti­mate­ly our cus­tomers have con­fi­dence in the long term dura­bil­i­ty under load that Jaeger-Unitek deliv­ers.

Our team is ready and wel­comes your engi­neer­ing and design chal­lenges. Take advan­tage of our tech­no­log­i­cal exper­tise for your new prod­uct devel­op­ment as well as prob­lem solv­ing.

With­in the JÄGER Group we pro­vide the fol­low­ing seal­ing solu­tions:

Extru­sion Capa­bil­i­ties

  • Assured Seal­ing Per­for­mance
  • Proven, High­ly Engi­neered Poly­mers
  • Long Term Dura­bil­i­ty Under Load
  • Vibra­tions Damp­ing
  • Reduced Air & Struc­ture-Borne Noise
  • Leak Elim­i­na­tion
  • Air & Water Tight Seal
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4K Extru­sions
  • Durable, Mul­ti-Func­tion­al Geome­tries

Prod­uct Mar­kets

  • Machine Tool Indus­try
  • Waste Water Treat­ment
  • Agri­cul­tur­al Har­vest­ing
  • Trans­porta­tion
  • Oil Explo­ration
  • Renew­able Ener­gy
  • HVAC
  • Appli­ances
  • Recre­ation­al Vehi­cles


Jaeger-Unitek pro­vides the most eco­nom­i­cal and tech­no­log­i­cal­ly sound solu­tion to inte­grate pro­files and seals. Through lam­i­na­tion of adhe­sive tapes, insert mold­ing of end pieces or sim­ply con­struc­tion of parts, we can reduce cost at assem­bly.


Our adhe­sive sys­tems pro­vide per­ma­nent bond­ing or assem­bly ease­ment with some of the strongest and most reli­able attach­ment tapes on the mar­ket. All tapes are designed and approved accord­ing to OEM´s spec­i­fi­ca­tions. Acrylic foam core tapes pro­vide a bal­ance of con­forma­bil­i­ty and strength with core prop­er­ties that allow the tape to elon­gate and relax when put under load, min­i­miz­ing the stress on the adhe­sive bond line.
For injec­tion mold­ed cor­ner joints and end caps we use the same ther­moset and ther­mo­plas­tic mate­ri­als as in the extru­sion process.

Flip ‘N Seal®

Flip ‘N Seal® is our “Patent­ed” Slide-Out Sys­tem, which has set new stan­dards in the RV indus­try. We use the high­est qual­i­ty adhe­sive sys­tem in the indus­try and pure auto­mo­tive grade mate­ri­als man­u­fac­tured in an auto­mo­tive set­ting.

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