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Jet­flex® SSD: The Smart Strip Diffuser

Every dif­fuser, no mat­ter how good, reach­es the end-of-life at some point and must be replaced. It must be replaced at the lat­est, when the mem­branes fail mechan­i­cal­ly. Up to now, regard­ing plate and strip dif­fuser, the entire dif­fuser was always removed from the basin. Replac­ing the mem­branes was not pos­si­ble with plate and strip dif­fusers, or could only be done with con­sid­er­able time expen­di­ture. JÄGER has now solved this problem. 

The flex­i­ble membrane

The patent­ed solu­tion is amaz­ing­ly sim­ple: the mem­brane is designed as a con­tin­u­ous air­tight dou­ble mem­brane and is fit­ted with an air con­nec­tion. The air intro­duced between the mem­branes can only escape via the microp­er­fo­ra­tion of the upper mem­brane. As a result, the mem­brane is com­plete­ly decou­pled from the base struc­ture — a fea­ture unique to this dif­fuser type.

If only the mem­brane is to be sup­plied, it can be rolled up in a spi­ral form. This dras­ti­cal­ly reduces ship­ping weight and volume. 

Tech­ni­cal information


Inno­va­tions at a glance

In our short explana­to­ry video we show the advan­tages of the new Jet­flex® SSD. 

Instal­la­tion of the SSD Strip Diffuser

Replace­ment of the SSD Strip Diffuser

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