JetFlex® SD Strip Diffuser (SD-Series)

The JetFlex® SD strip diffuser completes our product range in the field of fine-bubble water aeration for sewage treatment plants. The high-strength polyurethane membrane with micro-perforation offers maximum service life with maximum efficiency. In addition, the design has been optimized for operational safety, durability, easy installation and handling.

  • By coupling the standard lengths (1.5 m, 2 m, 3 m and 4 m), different aerator lengths in 500 mm increments up to a total length of 8 m can be realized – in the highly efficient range and with only one air connection
  • Implementation of high occupancy densities possible
  • Specially developed non-return valve reliably prevents water and sludge from entering the aerator and at the same time allows gentle relief of the membrane
  • The combination of different lengths enables a uniform installation even in unusual basin geometries and round basins

  • Easy installation on the basin floor due to the corresponding fastening system

JetFlex® HD Strip Diffuser are used for the following ventilation applications:

  • Oxygen input for sludge stabilization
  • Aeration of fish ponds and aquaculture
  • CO2 gassing for neutralization
  • Oxygen input into aeration tanks
  • Aeration of waste water
  • Aeration of rivers and lakes
  • Pre-treatment of industrial waste water
  • Aeration of constructed wetlands
  • Aeration of drinking water
  • Aeration of concentrate and leachate from biogas plants

Our range of accessories for strip diffuser in wastewater technology:

  • Sleeve coupling
  • Connecting plate
  • Mounting plate
  • Bottom plate

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