Our Rubber-Plastic Elements

In many areas of application with extensive loads, components made of a single material quickly reach their limits. For this reason, we offer elements made of several, directly connected components that combine the advantages of different materials. Chemical-physical direct composites between thermoplastics and elastomers as well as TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) are our core competence.

Pipe clamp made of rubber and plastic

Our modular tube connector system was developed for connecting glass tubes in photobioreactors. The requirements for the rubber-plastic pipe clamp are extensive, because on the one hand the component must resist the existing pressure of the plant and on the other hand it must guarantee a reliable tightness.

The simple assembly and disassembly of the pipe clamp using a torque wrench also eliminates the need for heavy power tools. Furthermore, the tight screw connection of conventional metal clamps often leads to glass breakage, which can be significantly reduced by using the Jäger clamp.

The use of the rubber-plastic pipe clamp in other industries or with pipes made of different materials (glass-plastic or metal-plastic connections) is possible without any problems. They are already used in solar water treatment plants or in the plastics industry for granulate conveying.

Pressure roller for seed drills

Components for the agricultural sector are usually exposed to various environmental influences and strong physical stresses. They must be resistant and should remain serviceable for as long a period as possible. Should individual components fail, this can have serious economic consequences, as the periods during which sowing and harvesting can take place are limited.

Above all, material combinations of rubber and plastic allow reliable and consistent use of the machines, as they provide the necessary robustness despite their low weight and without the risk of corrosion.

Seed drills use pressure rollers to regulate the depth of seed placement and for soil compaction after the sowing process. Previously drawn furrows are closed to prevent the seed from lying open in the field. For this purpose the press rollers must work permanently with appropriate pressure and on different types of subsoils.

The JÄGER Group manufactures assemblies made of high-strength rubber and highly resistant plastic for this purpose in order to withstand the extensive influences such as abrasion and specific force-displacement behaviour. The penetration of dirt into the pressure roller bearing is optimally prevented by a well thought-out construction of lip seals and dust caps.

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