Flip ‘N Seal Slide-Out Sealing System®

Today’s recreational vehicles offer a significant amount of features and amenities as many consumers seek the outdoor camping experience but want the same comfort as at home. One way in which a recreational vehicle can create more interior space is the “slide-out system”.

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While the “Slide-Out System” delivers an outstanding solution to maximize interior RV space, protecting the interior space from the outside elements creates a significant design engineering challenge. The sealing system plays a significant role in creating a watertight interior, minimizing temperature intrusions while delivering durability under dynamic and static loading conditions over a wide range of temperatures.

By working closely with RV manufacturers in rapidly expanding the use of Jaeger Unitek Sealing Solutions Patented Flip ‘N Seal Slide-Out Sealing System®, together, we have met the complex application demands with Slide-Out sealing requirements. The results are a watertight seal, a one-part sealing solution vs. a two-piece design, lower installation costs during seal preparation and installation, and the elimination of reduced warranty claims. For consumers, this translates into the growing use of RV slide-outs to create more interior space, protection from the outdoor elements, satisfaction and enjoyment in the great outdoors.

The advantages of Flip ‘N Seal® include:

  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces of recreational vehicles for a secure seal against mechanical fastening methods

  • resistance to repeated extraction at temperatures from -40°C to +90°C
  • UV and weathering resistance for waterproof sealing performance
  • The use of a viscoelastic foam copes with demanding loads and at the same time offers the elasticity to functionally seal if the individual components have different coefficients of thermal expansion during temperature changes
  • Design freedom to take into account the significant variations in pull-out geometries and dimensions of leisure vehicles
  • damping characteristics which cause an interruption of the vibrational forces while driving and thus minimize the energy transfer to other parts of the recreational vehicle
  • Heat activated bond between the inner foam and the polymeric surface of Flip ‘N Seal® forming a high strength sealing barrier

Flip ‘N Seal® in use as:

  • Stripper seals for the side walls of the pull-out unit
  • Double wiper seals for the side walls of the extension unit
  • Pan gasket for the collecting trays of motorhomes


We use thermoplastic elastomers with and without pressure and strength carriers – as follows:

  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomers)
  • TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizates)
  • TPO (thermoplastic elastomers on olefin basis)

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