Plas­tic Mold­ed Parts 

Plas­tic mold­ed parts insu­late, dec­o­rate, con­nect and stiff­en. Thanks to their spe­cif­ic prop­er­ties, they are increas­ing­ly replac­ing com­po­nents made of metal­lic mate­ri­als. Their advan­tages include high design free­dom, low spe­cif­ic weight, good cor­ro­sion resis­tance and high chem­i­cal resistance. 

The incor­po­ra­tion of addi­tion­al com­po­nents into the plas­tic matrix enables a tar­get­ed mod­i­fi­ca­tion of the mate­r­i­al prop­er­ties. By incor­po­rat­ing elas­tomer par­ti­cles, rub­ber-like prop­er­ties can be cre­at­ed. The addi­tion of select­ed fillers, on the oth­er hand, offers, for exam­ple, an improve­ment in the elec­tri­cal con­duc­tiv­i­ty of the plas­tic mold­ed parts or a tar­get­ed improve­ment in the mechan­i­cal properties. 


Plas­tic mold­ed parts can be found in all areas of indus­try. Among oth­ers, they are pro­duced for mechan­i­cal and plant engi­neer­ing, the food indus­try, med­ical tech­nol­o­gy, the elec­tri­cal engi­neer­ing indus­try, vehi­cle con­struc­tion, the ener­gy sec­tor or agri­cul­tur­al technology.

Pro­duc­tion Engineering 

The deci­sive fac­tor for a plas­tic mold­ed part that is con­vinc­ing in use and with­stands the giv­en influ­ences is the cor­rect­ly select­ed pro­duc­tion process. With­in the JÄGER Group as well as through our strate­gic part­ners, var­i­ous projects can be real­ized with dif­fer­ent processes. 

Among oth­er things we offer:

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Simul­ta­ne­ous development 

The par­al­lel devel­op­ment of plas­tic mold­ed parts and tool­ing con­cepts ensures opti­mum through­put times and the best pos­si­ble prod­uct per­for­mance. The use of sim­u­la­tion soft­ware for FEM (Finite Ele­ment Method) strength cal­cu­la­tions and for dis­play­ing the mold-fill­ing behav­ior (mold-flow) ensures the struc­tur­al sta­bil­i­ty of the com­po­nents and ensures reli­able process sequences lat­er in production. 

We offer among oth­ers the fol­low­ing mate­ri­als in the field of plas­tic moldings: 

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