Plastic Molded Parts

Production Engineering

The decisive factor for a plastic molded part that is convincing in use and withstands the given influences is the correctly selected production process. Within the JÄGER Group as well as through our strategic partners, various projects can be realized with different processes.

Among other things we offer:

  • injection moulding
  • blow moulding
  • foam
  • thermoforming

Simultaneous development

The parallel development of plastic molded parts and tooling concepts ensures optimum throughput times and the best possible product performance. The use of simulation software for FEM (Finite Element Method) strength calculations and for displaying the mold-filling behavior (mold-flow) ensures the structural stability of the components and ensures reliable process sequences later in production.

We offer among others the following materials in the field of plastic moldings:

  • PA
  • POM
  • PET
  • PC
  • PPE
  • PVC
  • PE
  • PP
  • PEEK
  • PPS
  • PSU
  • PUR
  • TPE

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