Rubber Molded Parts

For the production of rubber molded parts, plastic rubber compounds are placed in specially designed metal molds. The desired geometry is first formed by pressing or injection, and then the mixture is stabilized by vulcanization. This process gives the material its specific elastic properties.

Rubber molded parts are particularly suitable for damping, sealing, insulating and protecting and thus offer almost unlimited application possibilities. They can be found as rubber buffers, seals and much more in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering, the electrical and vehicle construction industry, energy technology as well as agricultural and environmental technology. Most molded rubber parts are not standard or norm parts, but are developed for specific functions in close cooperation between our product development team and our customers and then manufactured to order.


Molded rubber parts are elastic, pressure-resistant and abrasion-proof as well as mechanically and chemically resistant. The respective operating conditions and the desired function determine the choice of material and the type of manufacturing process. Each manufacturing process has specific characteristics and must therefore be precisely matched to the order to be produced and the associated purchase quantities. We can map both individual and series production as well as mass production within the JÄGER Group or via our strategic partners.


We offer among others the following materials in the field of rubber molded parts:

  • NR
  • SBR
  • IR
  • BR
  • NBR
  • EPDM
  • CR
  • ECO
  • ACM
  • Silicone

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