Basalt Solutions

The JÄGER Group develops versatile solutions from basalt


No plastic material desired in hydraulic engineering

Reliable scour protection from sustainable raw materials sought

Solution must meet high offshore requirements


Innovative solutions made of basalt fiber

Planning and implementation from one source

Extensive tests at home and abroad


Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic scour protection

Robust basalt products for offshore structures

Modular solution: from the pure product to the complete service

Wanted: Alternative for synthetic fibers for water construction

Nets and bags filled with stones or sand protect structures in the open sea – such as offshore wind turbines – from being washed out or weigh down submarine cables and pipelines.

The construction of offshore wind farms is challenging due to harsh environmental conditions. In the middle of the sea, wind turbine foundations and offshore high-voltage stations are installed. Products for scour protection and submarine cable covers in particular must not only be durable, but must also undergo numerous lifting cycles from filling with stones to precise placement under water.

The customer from the hydraulic engineering sector was looking for an environmentally friendly scour protection as an alternative to existing systems. Up to now there are similar products made of plastic, which are no longer an alternative for hydraulic engineering in the long term due to the introduction of microplastic into the oceans.

The customer turned to Jaeger Mare Solutions GmbH, which has already made a name for itself in the industry with its innovative basalt bags as cable protection on offshore wind turbines, with the request for a sustainable solution.


Jaeger Mare Solutions weaves tender bonds!

Stones are the answer! The nets are not only filled with stones, but also consist of stone. Or better said of basalt, which is processed into fiber.

In Germany, nets made of basalt fiber with an associated protective layer are woven for sustainable scour protection. The material is tested within the Jäger Group and the basalt net is subjected to regular 100% inspections on land. During the test of the net, the filling with eight tons, which can be done both on land and at sea, and the subsequent handling have to be checked. For this purpose, the experts of Jaeger Mare Solutions coordinate closely with the client. After the test in Germany we went on to the on-site test. Together with the customer, extensive tests were carried out in Taiwan. The nets are closely inspected during filling, storage, loading onto transport vehicles and ships, and unloading in water. After the filled nets have met the safety requirements over several test days, the way is paved for environmentally friendly hydraulic engineering!

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Jaeger Mare Solutions not only produces nets from the innovative basalt yarn, but also basalt bags. The basalt bags have already been in use in hydraulic engineering since 2019. They can be filled with sand as well as with stones of up to four tons. Both basalt products can be installed as scour protection around the piles of offshore wind turbines. They are also used to fix and stabilize submarine cables or as bank reinforcement for inland waters.

Further basalt products are currently being tested.

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