Impact Roller

JÄGER Group develops reliable protection for waste disposal vehicles


Needed: Tough and reliable protection for waste containers

Search for an elastic, dimensionally stable material

Cost efficient material and manufacturing process required


The installed steel shaft is covered by an elastic impact roller

Perfect material selection thanks to comprehensive knowledge

Subsequent adjustment of material and manufacturing process to optimize costs


Waste containers remain intact

Complaints to the waste management companies are eliminated

Price and delivery time improvements

Protect garbage cans form wear and tear

They are the busy machines that empty the garbage from our garbage cans at least once a week: waste disposal vehicles!

ZÖLLER-KIPPER GmbH from Mainz is Europe‘s largest manufacturer of hydraulic lift and tipping vehicles for waste emptying and collection. Zöller turned to its supplier of many years, Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH with which they jointly developed some of the articles that are installed in the so-called „lifter“.

A lifter is the area responsible for lifting and emptying the garbage cans – usually at the rear of a garbage truck. This time Zöller needed a component that would provide the refuse collection vehicles with special protection.

This is because when the waste container was lifted to the top and emptied in the waste disposal vehicle, it struck the top of the vehicle‘s stop, which could not absorb the impact. For this reason, Zöller needed a protective jacket for the steel shafts used in the process.


Robust, cost-effective impact roller for waste disposal vehicles

The Jäger engineers thought ahead and produced an EPDM profile of identical construction. Thanks to its good resistance to weathering, EPDM is particularly suitable for outdoor applications, such as in waste disposal vehicles. In addition, the elastic material is an inexpensive yet durable material. The unit price could also be reduced, due to the of the EPDM component’s fast extrusion process. The new solution went into series production after it had been thoroughly tested and approved in joint practical tests at the customer‘s site.

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