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Easy to install pipe connector as a universal connection between rubber and plastic


Safe and pressure-tight connecting element for glass tubes wanted!

Modular pipe connection system for flexible applications!

Quick assembly without electrical aids!


Joint development with the customer.

Innovative combination of rubber and plastic parts!

Special tool for easy assembly.


Considerable reduction of glass breakage saves costs!

Higher working pressure on the pipe system possible.

Component and tools from one source for smooth plant operation.


Easily mountable connection system wanted
The cultivation of technical microalgae is becoming increasingly important in industry. Species such as spirulina and chlorella are cultivated under solar radiation by means of photosynthesis in several thousand metre long glass tube structures. The assembly and disassembly of the previously used pipe clamps was time-consuming and therefore costly for the customer.

First and foremost, the Jäger pipe clamps have to connect the glass pipes used in a pressure-tight manner, whereby attention must be paid to the flow properties of the medium. In order to ensure smooth transport of the algae mass, only low flow resistance must be created at the connectors, as any unevenness within the system would cause turbulence.

The aim is to develop a modular and simultaneously scalable pipe connection system that can withstand the various stresses in use, such as reliable sealing, as well as the requirements of maintenance.


Comprehensive knowledge of material leads to innovation

The experts at Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH are developing a combination of rubber and plastic parts that can be attached and detached using special tools without the need for electrical devices, while at the same time withstanding both the pressure that arises and UV radiation.

Three simple and simultaneously ingenious components make the difference:

  1. External plastic rotating rings with circumferential profiling provide the necessary attachment surface for the corresponding special tool, a precisely fitting torque wrench.
  2. The required compression of the sealing system is made possible by an inner sleeve with longitudinally running slots, as this contracts when the plastic ring is rotated.
  3. Finally, the internal elastomer sealing body is injected onto the inner sleeve, so that a reliable seal can be provided

The well-founded material development of the Jäger pipe connector enables both UV resistance and food-grade application. These properties are essential to allow the micro algae, which are also used as food and animal feed, to grow under intensive solar radiation.

Due to the material knowledge of Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH, an assembly of different components is created to achieve the set goal.

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Efficiency and sustainability

The technology of the Jäger pipe connector can be used universally and, in addition to the connection of two glass pipes, also offers the possibility of joining pipes of different materials. Among other things, glass-plastic or metal-plastic connections can be easily installed. An application in
the plastic production or in the field of solar water treatment is possible without any problems.

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