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Easy to install pipe con­nec­tor as a uni­ver­sal con­nec­tion between rub­ber and plas­tic


Safe and pres­sure-tight con­nect­ing ele­ment for glass tubes want­ed!

Mod­u­lar pipe con­nec­tion sys­tem for flex­i­ble appli­ca­tions!

Quick assem­bly with­out elec­tri­cal aids!


Joint devel­op­ment with the cus­tomer.

Inno­v­a­tive com­bi­na­tion of rub­ber and plas­tic parts!

Spe­cial tool for easy assem­bly.


Con­sid­er­able reduc­tion of glass break­age saves costs!

High­er work­ing pres­sure on the pipe sys­tem pos­si­ble.

Com­po­nent and tools from one source for smooth plant oper­a­tion.


Eas­i­ly mount­able con­nec­tion sys­tem want­ed
The cul­ti­va­tion of tech­ni­cal microal­gae is becom­ing increas­ing­ly impor­tant in indus­try. Species such as spir­uli­na and chlorel­la are cul­ti­vat­ed under solar radi­a­tion by means of pho­to­syn­the­sis in sev­er­al thou­sand metre long glass tube struc­tures. The assem­bly and dis­as­sem­bly of the pre­vi­ous­ly used pipe clamps was time-con­sum­ing and there­fore cost­ly for the cus­tomer.

First and fore­most, the Jäger pipe clamps have to con­nect the glass pipes used in a pres­sure-tight man­ner, where­by atten­tion must be paid to the flow prop­er­ties of the medi­um. In order to ensure smooth trans­port of the algae mass, only low flow resis­tance must be cre­at­ed at the con­nec­tors, as any uneven­ness with­in the sys­tem would cause tur­bu­lence.

The aim is to devel­op a mod­u­lar and simul­ta­ne­ous­ly scal­able pipe con­nec­tion sys­tem that can with­stand the var­i­ous stress­es in use, such as reli­able seal­ing, as well as the require­ments of main­te­nance.


Com­pre­hen­sive knowl­edge of mate­r­i­al leads to inno­va­tion

The experts at Jäger Gum­mi und Kun­st­stoff GmbH are devel­op­ing a com­bi­na­tion of rub­ber and plas­tic parts that can be attached and detached using spe­cial tools with­out the need for elec­tri­cal devices, while at the same time with­stand­ing both the pres­sure that aris­es and UV radi­a­tion.

Three sim­ple and simul­ta­ne­ous­ly inge­nious com­po­nents make the dif­fer­ence:

  1. Exter­nal plas­tic rotat­ing rings with cir­cum­fer­en­tial pro­fil­ing pro­vide the nec­es­sary attach­ment sur­face for the cor­re­spond­ing spe­cial tool, a pre­cise­ly fit­ting torque wrench.
  2. The required com­pres­sion of the seal­ing sys­tem is made pos­si­ble by an inner sleeve with lon­gi­tu­di­nal­ly run­ning slots, as this con­tracts when the plas­tic ring is rotat­ed.
  3. Final­ly, the inter­nal elas­tomer seal­ing body is inject­ed onto the inner sleeve, so that a reli­able seal can be pro­vid­ed

The well-found­ed mate­r­i­al devel­op­ment of the Jäger pipe con­nec­tor enables both UV resis­tance and food-grade appli­ca­tion. These prop­er­ties are essen­tial to allow the micro algae, which are also used as food and ani­mal feed, to grow under inten­sive solar radi­a­tion.

Due to the mate­r­i­al knowl­edge of Jäger Gum­mi und Kun­st­stoff GmbH, an assem­bly of dif­fer­ent com­po­nents is cre­at­ed to achieve the set goal.

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Effi­cien­cy and sus­tain­abil­i­ty

The tech­nol­o­gy of the Jäger pipe con­nec­tor can be used uni­ver­sal­ly and, in addi­tion to the con­nec­tion of two glass pipes, also offers the pos­si­bil­i­ty of join­ing pipes of dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als. Among oth­er things, glass-plas­tic or met­al-plas­tic con­nec­tions can be eas­i­ly installed. An appli­ca­tion in
the plas­tic pro­duc­tion or in the field of solar water treat­ment is pos­si­ble with­out any prob­lems.

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