Prod­uct infor­ma­tion for IFAT Africa

For more infor­ma­tion on our prod­ucts, feel free to talk to our booth staff or fol­low these links.

Gen­er­al information

Waste Water Aer­a­tion Brochure

PDF, 4155 KB

Clear­Box — Con­tainer­ized waste­water treatment

Clear­Box Data Sheet

PDF, 2900 KB

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ClearT­ec Data Sheet

PDF, 15.737 KB

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Tube Dif­fuser

JetFlex-TD-65–2 Data Sheet

PDF, 645 KB

JetFlex-TD-65–2‑G Data Sheet

PDF, 582 KB

JetFlex-TD-90–2 Data Sheet

PDF, 626 KB

JetFlex-TD-90–2‑G Data Sheet

PDF, 9674 KB

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Disc Dif­fuser

Jet­Flex-HD-270 Data Sheet

PDF, 101 KB 

Jet­Flex-HD-340 Data Sheet

PDF, 101 KB 

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End­less Diffuser

End­less Dif­fuser Case Study

PDF, 4570 KB

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SSD Strip Diffuser

Jet­Flex SSD Datasheet

PDF, 399 KB

Jet­Flex SSD Instal­la­tion Instructions

PDF, 252 KB

Jet­Flex SSD One Payer

PDF, 213 KB

Jet­Flex SSD Sys­tem Description

PDF, 631 KB

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