Sol­ving problems

Over the years, we have gai­ned a huge amount of expe­rien­ce – by inno­va­ting, but also by lear­ning from pro­blems we have encoun­te­red in our day-to-day work. Below is a list of com­mon­ly occur­ring pro­blems and pos­si­ble solu­tions. If your pro­blem is not sho­wn, plea­se con­tact our ser­vi­ce cen­ter. We will be plea­sed to help. If no solu­tion is avai­la­ble, then toge­ther we will look for one with the help of our R&D department. 

Rol­lers get stuck
It could be that dirt and water have got­ten into the bea­rings; look at our Eco Dri­ve bea­ring solutions

PVC bel­ts shift to the left and to the right and break
This is often rela­ted to ope­ra­ting pro­blems; look at our full ser­vi­ce belting

Bel­ts are rot­ting away
Water often enters the fabric; for this, we have deve­lo­ped the Hydro belt

Extre­me wear and tear on rivet rods (espe­cial­ly on the edge)
Con­si­der a qua­li­ty impro­ve­ment by using com­ple­te­ly har­de­ned rivet rods

Brea­king over­lap­ping sec­tions
This is usual­ly the result of over­loa­ding the belt join­ts The Hel­per belt could be the solu­tion to this

Pro­blems with dri­ve (sproc­ket too lar­ge or too small)
Wel­ded sproc­ke­ts are the best solution

Hea­vy ele­va­tor with rivet rods
The­re are light­weight ele­va­tor solutions

Rivet rod bro­ken during on-site assem­bly
Always dif­fi­cult when on site. The Pilot bolt is the answer

Torn belt
We have a few quick-fix solu­tions to help you get back to work quic­kly again, but it is advi­sa­ble to con­tact our ser­vi­ce cen­ter about this

Gap bet­ween the rivet rods is too lar­ge
Twin­spi­j­len can be used to redu­ce the gap, and this can be custo­mi­zed to meet your requirements

Join­ts too hea­vi­ly loa­ded
We have various dura­ble lap joint solu­tions; plea­se con­tact our ser­vi­ce center

Bro­ken belt or dyna­mi­cal­ly high load
The End­less wrap could be the solu­tion here

Belt without pla­ting
With Acti­ve Side Pro­tec­tion (ASP), you have no pla­ting, but the sides do move

Is your stan­dard rub­ber not good enough? 

We have a great deal of kno­w­led­ge on rub­ber, con­tact us, so we can discuss a spe­cial custo­mi­zed mix­tu­re for your application. 

If you have any other que­stions, plea­se contact

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