Noise mitigation system:
bubble curtain

The Big Bubble Curtain is comprised of one or two hoses which are laid out in a ring around the source of noise. The perforated hoses are pressurised with compressed air – bubbles emerge from the seabed to the surface of the water which create a ring-shaped protective wall around the noisy construction site. With the help of the bubble curtain the sound waves extensively spreading over the seabed are broken multiple times, decreasing the sound intensity and thus protecting the marine animals. After deployment, the hose system is retrieved and brought to the next construction site.
With our new hose system, which is still under development, we can achieve the same noise mitigation performance with substantially less pressure. For this reason, Jaeger Mare Solutions employs a technology developed for waste water treatment which has been tried and tested for 40 years at Jaeger Umwelttechnik. With our innovative Big Bubble Curtain, we want to protect the marine animals, encourage the development of renewable energies, and reduce the costs for our customers. This is achieved with an improved bubble performance and the reduction of the required compressors.
Our Conducted Bubble Curtain ensures less noise in the direct vicinity of the ramming point. Jaeger Mare Solutions is currently developing a flexible Conducted Bubble Curtain which is directly attached to the steel rod rammed into the seabed and which creates a dense net of air bubbles. This reduces the noise of the over 1000 required rams directly at the source while ramming the pile into the seabed.

Your advantages thanks to our Jaeger protectors:

  • Cost-efficient thanks to lower maintenance costs
  • Abrasion resistant: long-term protection from mechanical damages
  • UV resistant
  • Flexible installation both onshore and offshore
  • Individual choice of length and colour possible
  • Safe climbing for technicians
  • Corrosion protection
  • Shock absorbent with mechanical loads

Scour protection: Basalt bags

We provide an individual protection from flushing out and undercutting at sea and in inland waters – with our Jaeger Mare Solutions basalt bags. The application possibilities of basalt bags are unlimited – let’s think outside the box together. Developed for offshore applications, the potential behind the idea is emerging stronger by the day.

Particularly the offshore wind turbines face the challenge of seabed layers around the foundation being carried off by the ocean currents. Usually, this process is counteracted by depositing stones. However, this does not always solve the challenge. Partially, the rock required for stopping the scouring process is not available in the region.

Jaeger Mare Solutions basalt bags are a flexible and ecologically friendly solution. The sacks are made from a specially developed basalt fiber and are comfortably filled with round gravel or sand on site. Beside the application as scour protection, our Jaeger basalt bags can also be used for ballasting submarine cables or pipelines and as attachment in dyke construction and coastal engineering.

Your advantages with our Jaeger basalt bags:

  • High inertia of filled sacks
  • Flexible filling of sacks on site
  • Not dependent on rock type
  • Easy installation
  • Temperature resistant from ‑260°C to 800°C
  • 100 % UV resistant
  • The natural fiber does not rot

Join us in positively contributing to a better environment.