Arnold Jäger Holding

Arnold Jäger Holding GmbH is the management company of the globally operating JÄGER Group. Today, more than 1200 employees work in our group of companies at over 20 locations in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada and China. All companies in our Group are proven specialists in their fields of activity and have been supplying high-quality components and subsystems made of rubber, plastic and metal for more than 75 years.

We are a family-run company now in its third generation and are recognized as a qualified and globally operating partner in mechanical and plant engineering, environmental and agricultural technology and oil exploration.

In the Arnold Jäger Holding we combine central tasks of the JÄGER Group in specialist departments.

Front Office

Our front office ensures smooth processes within the company and is therefore crucial for an optimal working environment. In addition to welcoming and entertaining guests, the team also takes care of numerous administrative tasks, thus keeping the employees’ backs free. The telephone switchboard as well as travel planning and bookings are also part of the activities.

Financial and

The finance and accounting team records all transactions of our customers and suppliers in accordance with the principles of proper accounting and prepares monthly and annual financial statements.

Human Resources

Our human resources department recruits talent worldwide and supports our employees in their optimal integration into our companies. Within the framework of personnel development, they ensure the continuous development of all employees in the form of qualifications and further training. They also deal with personnel administration and accounting as well as training coordination.

Cohesion, responsibility and trust are concepts that are lived throughout the company.
Dr. Andreas Jäger

Assistance to the

The assistance not only actively supports the management in daily business, but also takes care of patent administration and ensures smooth fleet management. The department also coordinates facility management and new building projects.

Legal Department

The legal department advises all departments as well as the management of the Group on relevant legal issues. These tasks include, in particular, contract management, compliance and risk management, the handling of legal disputes and the implementation of legally compliant digitization processes.


Our controlling team prepares budget plans, plans and controls operational procedures. It advises the operative units and analyzes and optimizes processes in our JÄGER Group. This is done on the basis of Business Intelligence.

Sharing knowledge is fun and successful!
Christian Nolle, Head of IT


Our IT Operations department is responsible for providing the global IT infrastructure in the JÄGER Group. The virtualization, maintenance and backup of the systems are among the tasks, as well as data and network security and user support.


In the Digitalization department, our specialists ensure the digital networking of all units in the JÄGER Group. The team works on specific projects in the areas of production and operational planning as well as internal and external knowledge management. For example, they implement intelligent manufacturing technologies in our production facilities, ensure digital communication within the JÄGER Group as well as with clients and suppliers – from the intranet to electronic invoice receipt.

Data Protection

The data protection department continuously ensures that the current data protection requirements are implemented throughout the entire JÄGER Group. This applies to internal processes, guidelines and documentation obligations as well as to the protection of the rights of third parties. It advises the management and the operative units in all topics concerning data protection management.

The capital of our company is in the heads and hearts of the people who work with us. We are all JÄGER!

System and
Organizational Development

The system and organizational development team optimizes the processes within the JÄGER Group. It is responsible for the development and user support of the ERP system. The team regularly trains our employees* in the systems.


The department forms our in-house creative department and is responsible for the company’s internal and external communication. In addition to electronic media such as video and photo, it also creates print media. In the area of social media and also on the JÄGER Group website, it ensures the visibility of the companies.


In addition to occupational safety and fire protection, the quality management team is also dedicated to supporting the operational units in the JÄGER Group. It is responsible for the certification of our management systems and the quality, environmental and energy management.