What Broekema stands for

Longest lifespan

Broekema is the only manufacturer of sieve belts that is able to supply hardened rivet rods. These rivet rods are made of high-quality spring steel, and have an optimum yield point and tensile strength. Broekema rivet rods, which are patented, have a long life span and are stronger than any competitor. This means they give a better yield, because they allow harvesting machines to move more quickly, for example, or because more soil goes onto the soil separation conveyors. There are fewer fractures, so Broekema belts ultimately last longer. This is why machine builders involved with demanding applications, such as harvesting beet, also use sieve belts made by Broekema.


The test laboratory in Veendam is where advanced technological customer-oriented solutions are developed. From the day it was founded, Broekema has been anticipating opportunities, future demand, and expectations in partnership with machine manufacturers. Close contacts with customers and an extensive dealer network ensure that Broekema understands what end-users want. That means Broekema can continue to innovate. The firm has many patents for successful applications to its name – more than 100 alone in the JÄGER Group parent company – which form the foundation of the company.