How we work

The power of co-creation

Using its own R&D centers in the Netherlands and America, Broekema works closely with its customers on achieving the best solutions to specific needs. The company is the official partner to many major names in various sectors and is committed to integrated module solutions.

Mts. De Winter, Oudeschans NL

“When harvesting our shallots, the pitch size turned out to be too big. Broekema advised using a smaller size. Thanks to Broekema delivering this smaller pitch size so rapidly, we were able to continue our harvest very quickly.”

“We have been working with Broekema for 30 years now and are very satisfied with the high level of service they provide. For example, we recently asked for two new designs for conveyor belts. Broekema made detailed drawings, made several on-site visits, and always kept us up to date on the progress of the project. The result was an excellent end-product: two new designs that we are more than satisfied about.”


“I have a small workshop in England where prototypes are made. I recently used Broekema parts, and their quality was outstanding. Even with small orders, Broekema still provides excellent service. I would therefore recommend Broekema and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

“EA Broekema has been a major supplier to SFM Technology Ltd for 30 years. From my own experience and that of my customers, we know that Broekema’s products are top quality and perform extremely well in our machines. It is a pleasure working with Broekema and we look forward to working in partnership with them in the future.”