Solving problems

Over the years, we have gained a huge amount of experience – by innovating, but also by learning from problems we have encountered in our day-to-day work. Below is a list of commonly occurring problems and possible solutions. If your problem is not shown, please contact our service center. We will be pleased to help. If no solution is available, then together we will look for one with the help of our R&D department.

Rollers get stuck
It could be that dirt and water have gotten into the bearings; look at our Eco Drive bearing solutions

PVC belts shift to the left and to the right and break
This is often related to operating problems; look at our full service belting

Belts are rotting away
Water often enters the fabric; for this, we have developed the Hydro belt

Extreme wear and tear on rivet rods (especially on the edge)
Consider a quality improvement by using completely hardened rivet rods

Breaking overlapping sections
This is usually the result of overloading the belt joints The Helper belt could be the solution to this

Problems with drive (sprocket too large or too small)
Welded sprockets are the best solution

Heavy elevator with rivet rods
There are lightweight elevator solutions

Rivet rod broken during on-site assembly
Always difficult when on site. The Pilot bolt is the answer

Torn belt
We have a few quick-fix solutions to help you get back to work quickly again, but it is advisable to contact our service center about this

Gap between the rivet rods is too large
Twinspijlen can be used to reduce the gap, and this can be customized to meet your requirements

Joints too heavily loaded
We have various durable lap joint solutions; please contact our service center

Broken belt or dynamically high load
The Endless wrap could be the solution here

Belt without plating
With Active Side Protection (ASP), you have no plating, but the sides do move

Is your standard rubber not good enough?

We have a great deal of knowledge on rubber, contact us, so we can discuss a special customized mixture for your application.

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