Our prod­ucts


Rod Mate­r­i­al

Vul­can­ized Sup­port Rods

Vul­can­ized PES Rods

Vul­can­ized CPP Rods


Full Sur­face Belting

Belt Con­nec­tions

Cen­tre Belt Connections

Rub­ber HS Rollers

Steel HS Rollers

Light­weight Rollers

Roller Parts

Fric­tion Dri­ve Rollers

HS-type Sprock­ets

N‑type Sprock­ets

NC-type Sprock­ets

RT-type Sprock­ets

Cage Wheels and Weld­ed Sprockets

PU Sprock­ets

Rub­ber Flights

Steel Flights

Spe­cial Flights

Droplinks – Stone Traps


Pin­tle Rods 

Active Side Protection

Quick­fix Solu­tions – Repair Sections

O.E.M. Dri­ves and Rollers

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