Our Industries

Broekema supplies applications and components to various sectors, such as agriculture (including turf extraction and livestock farming) and fishing. The foodstuffs, waste processing, and beach cleaning industries also use Broekema technology.

Food processing

Peanuts have to be dug up from the dirt. This causes traditional chains to break. Our belts work even better with a little dirt between them (it gives the rubber more traction), so there is no damage to the machine and the yield is much higher. This is just one of the custom solutions we developed with a specific application in mind. Curious what we can do for you? Contact us!

Broekema invented a machine that gently shakes the ripe oranges out of the tree, while leaving the unripe fruit and blossoms untouched and keeps the small animals and reptiles living in the orchards unharmed. Good for nature and keeps the field yield up.

Brick factory

A brick factory drains off clay residue to reuse. This process costs hundreds of thousands liters of water. By developing the most robust and heavy conveyor belts in Broekema’s history, this waste is in the past.

Beach cleanup

Broekema’s beach cleaners tidy hundreds of kilometers of beach from rubbish that has been left by sunbathers and has washed ashore. This is great for the environment and the tourists appreciate it as well.

Waste management

How can we fit more paper trash in a truck? With a Broekema belt that shifts and presses the load while collecting. This allows to transport up to 40% additional waste, so less drives and less CO2 emission.


Since Broekema replaced the drive chains with a low-noise belt on municipal street sweepers in Italy there are no more noise complaints and the lifespan went up.

Livestock farming

Our engineers came up with a belt to feed livestock. The farmers used very loud chain driven belts to provide their cows with feed. The cows would get restless and because of that the milk production decreased. After Broekema installed our new, more quiet belts, the cows were much calmer and the milk production went up.