Rub­ber Fab­ric Belts

Artemis rub­ber fab­ric belts con­sist of one to five fab­ric plies with rub­ber inter­lay­ers of NR, SBR or EPDM and rub­ber coat­ing on the car­ry­ing and run­ning side of the belt.

Rub­ber fab­ric belts are a low-cost dri­ve solu­tion for sim­ple appli­ca­tions such as crop screen­ing siev­ing belts. They fea­ture good flex­i­bil­i­ty, high ten­sile strength, low elon­ga­tion and a long ser­vice life.

For Artemis process belts, we use closed rub­ber fab­ric belts to which flights or cam pro­files are added.

Our resis­tance list for elas­tomers pro­vides you with tar­get­ed sup­port in find­ing the right solu­tion for your application.

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