Down­hole drilling technology

With the aid of down­hole drilling tech­nol­o­gy (known as “down­hole drilling” in the field of petro­le­um explo­ration), oil and gas can be extract­ed from depths of more than 2,500 meters. Drilling motors for down­hole tech­nol­o­gy con­sist of a pro­filed rotor and a formed sta­tor housing. 

For the world­wide devel­op­ment of new oil deposits, our sta­tors for drilling motors have been prov­ing their val­ue for many years. The ser­vice life of the down­hole motor depends pri­mar­i­ly on the right com­bi­na­tion of sta­tor and rotor. There­fore, Artemis has devel­oped spe­cial mate­ri­als for sta­tors for down­hole motors. High-per­for­mance, high-tem­per­a­ture resis­tant NBR and HNBR rub­ber com­pounds enable greater longevi­ty. The sta­tors, with their uni­form wall thick­ness, com­pen­sate high tem­per­a­tures.

Dis­cov­er our SPIRA® sta­tors for down-hole drilling tech­nol­o­gy in the petro­le­um sector.

Artemis advan­tages for the Down Hole sector:

Advan­tages in the use of SPIRA® sta­tors for deep well drilling:


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