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We are committed to support our customers and partners with innovation, know-how, experience and passion to achieve their goals in the best possible way.

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Jäger Umwelt-Technik’s team consists of highly qualified engineers whose expertise and experience help to develop innovative and customized solution for our customers. The responsible use of our resource, environmental compatibility of the material used, the process efficiency and sustainability of technologies used are the focus of our work.

In early 1970s, Arnold Jäger developed world’s first tube diffuser that could be operated intermittently. With this invention, he opened the way for a new generation of diffuser, the fine pore membrane diffuser. This invention was followed by many others, which sought to promote an optimized aeration technology. Today, we have reached a point, where the highest efficiency and quality are taken for granted.

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The latest generation of Jäger diffusers is based on recycled plastics, it does not use any adhesives, it leaves a low CO2 footprint during production and it is completely recyclable.

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