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You realize ideas, we help you with special knowledge. With our long experience, we provide competent and reliable support in dimensioning, design and modeling of aeration and IFAS system.

Dimensioning of aeration systems and capacity expansions using Cleartec®

Jäger Umwelt-Technik supports you in designing aeration systems in customer-oriented way. When designing the systems, our team of experts takes your customers’ ideas regarding investment and profitability into account and develops optimal solutions in close cooperation with you.

Furthermore we plan capacity expansion of existing plants by implementing Cleartec® growth media in biological process, using dynamic simulation.

Economic feasibility studies

In close cooperation with you, we prepare free comparison of different aeration systems with regard to their economic efficiency, based on cost comparison guidelines of LAWA (German Federal/State Working Group on Water).

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To make it easier for you to create drawings, we provide AutoCAD blocks of all common JetFlex® diffusers and Cleartec® module for download.

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Tender Specifications

We provide you with text specification templates for tube, disc and strip diffuser for your tender documents. You will also find text templates for our Cleartec® Technology.

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Dynamic Cleartec® (IFAS) Simualtion

The dynamic Cleartec®-Simulation is a further development of the FBBR SIMBA# simulation block. It has been developed in order to be able to predict the effect of a Cleartec-based IFAS process for all plant types and operating conditions. The program was developed in cooperation with a renowned German consulting company. Since it is based on SIMBA#, the simulation of conventional plants is also possible. We offer you to use this technology for your planning e.g. by

  • Comparative considerations of different scenarios (e.g. conventional activated sludge process vs Cleartec-IFAS process).
  • Elaboration of the optimal operating mode of an existing plant type to improve the removal performance and reduce operating costs

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Our Products

Aeration system

  • 45 years experience
  • Optimized membrane material
  • Computer-aided design
  • Environmentaly compatible material concepts
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Pond aeration

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Highly efficient
  • Large area application
  • Modular
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  • Optimized hybrid biofilm process
  • Dynamic simulations of your plant and operating situation
  • Simple, modular installation without structural measures
  • Maintenance free
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