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Do you offer a product or process for wastewater treatment? We contribute to unique features. We deliver food for thoughts and solutions for further optimization concerning electricity demand, maintenance requirement and performance capacity and work closely with you to develop components and processes that make your product unique.

Branding and customer specific solutions

Do you have a name in the market and set great value on having the aeration design and function associated with you? We offer a wide range of solutions, to design or develop a diffuser with you that meets your requirements.

Process optimization using dynamic simulation

Use our experience and expertise of our engineers to improve your own process. Based on a proven dynamic simulation, we examine your process and show you optimization potentials.

Technical advice for in-house production

Jäger Umwelt-Technik supports you in the procurement or production of components. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding piping or fastening materials. Internationally financed projects often require a local content. Some of our products allow the licensed production of product components on site. These include, for example, the support body of the new strip air diffuser SSD or the fastening of endless tube diffuser, ET 75.

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Online tool for the dimensioning of aeration systems

We provide you with an online tool for the design of aeration systems to support your planning. Based on our model for the design of aeration systems, it enables you to quickly and precisely estimate the required number of aerators depending on the required oxygen input and other general conditions.We provide you with information on the resulting air and pressure requirements and the efficiency of the aeration system in different load cases.

Online calculation tool

Easy and risk-free handling

Diffusers are subject to particular load during installation. Therefore we use glass fiber reinforced plastic components for all critical components. We reduce the risk of damaging the products on the installation site to a minimum through a combination of robust design and reinforced material.

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