Rotors for eccentric screw pumps

Eccentric screw pumps belong to the positive displacement pump family and are used where the technical tasks exceed the possibilities of pumps of conventional design. In the field of conveying technology, they are used for pumping abrasive, highly viscous and corrosive media. This has contributed to a significant expansion of the range of available conveying systems. Eccentric screw pumps consist of a rotating component, the rotor, and the stationary stator located around it. The rotor rotates eccentrically, as its axis of rotation does not correspond to the axis of symmetry of the stator. The construction of both components form chambers through which the respective medium is conveyed by rotation in the pump via the suction to the discharge side. Rotors consist mainly of steel and have a special spiral geometry as the rotating centre in the stator. Different materials are used in the JÄGER Group in the manufacturing process of rotors for eccentric screw pumps.

The diverse fields of application of our rotors

Artemis rotors are often used in pumps at elevated temperatures. In order to ensure that the conveying system runs efficiently and smoothly, we adjust the rotor dimensions according to the expansion that occurs. As a specialist in components for conveyor technology, our rotors are used in the food industry, the chemical industry, the construction industry and in the extraction of crude oil, among others.

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