Listening and finding solutions is our philosophy. Our qualified employees search for the best solutions together with our customers – this is how we create unique and sustainable products.

Employee statement –

The success of our company is the success of our staff. Our business is in their capable hands as they work with dedication in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

We value their performance and this is why we never think short term when it comes to people. In other words: Our employees secure their jobs if they develop in line with the requirements of the group. Specific technical expertise combined with economic and social competence form the basis for individual responsibility. This is why we specifically promote and support individuals and their specific talents and abilities. We want to give a chance to everyone who shows loyalty to our company.

We work in a group of small and medium-sized companies so no one stays anonymous. We seek direct contact and interaction with one another, because people only enjoy taking on responsibility in an environment where they are acknowledged and respected.

Customer statement –
Mutual Trust

We are focused on a simple principle: Successful customer relationships are based on trust. For us this means that others can rely on what we say and do, fair and equal partnerships, and the credibility of the Jäger family. Both sides should benefit from this demand because in this way long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships will develop .

We offer our customers comprehensive solutions for the tasks we are entrusted with. Our commitment to our customers is characterized by quick response and pride in joint development of sophisticated solutions and con-stantly optimizing them. We listen carefully to our customers’ requirements and place our vast experience at their disposal. This is the way we want to make the cooperation of our customers with the JÄGER Group as easy as possible.

Product statement – Expertise

We grew up with rubber. Innovative products and services secure the future of the JÄGER Group. We understand exactly what our customers want and translate this into specific solutions in detail.

We support our customers in developing, producing and procuring both tailor made and standardized products made of rubber, plastic and metal.
The combination of different materials and the integration of various functions into one single component gives our customers a sustained competitive edge.

In everything we do we consider the specific application in which our components are used. As a solution provider we combine our international procurement and process expertise to create solutions that go far beyond individual products. We are geared to continuously expand our portfolio of products and services to offer integrated solutions.

Supplier statement – Commitment

To provide competitive advantages for our customers we rely on partners who specifically complement our expertise and services. We are very demanding when it comes down to realizing mutually new ideas and approaches. Adherence to established processes, high quality deliveries and competitive prices form the base. Close cooperation also calls for a high degree of flexibility from us and our partners and respect for the interests of both sides. Their understanding of our special requirements is a prerequisite for creating best practice customer solutions.

At the same time we believe that a partnership entails obligations on our part. Personal relationships create mutual trust. We never forget that products are made by people. Whenever we give our word we will keep it. This creates a secure base because everything we do is aimed at long-term and fair partnership.

Environment and society –
Social responsibility

Our corporate action is based worldwide on the respect of universal human rights, freedom of worship and the economic use of energy and raw materials. To this end, we observe the respective valid national and international provisions and regulations. We create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. We guarantee that in our plants no physical nor mental violence is used.

Every form of discrimination and especially child labor are strictly forbidden. We do not accept gifts or other benefits from our business partners and we thus protect our creditability and independence. In all our production and service processes we keep the burden on air, soil and water as low as possible. Thereby, we ensure a sustainable management.