This can only be achieved in the future with highly efficient solutions for agricultural engineering. The JÄGER Group therefore supports developers, producers and suppliers of agricultural machinery with innovative products made of rubber and plastic, for original equipment and the spare parts market. We bundle our know-how and many years of experience in the field of agricultural technology in our specialized subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

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Our highly reliable components and innovations for a successful harvest.

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Seed Drill

For precise and effective sowing, we are constantly working on perfecting our seed drills.

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Wide range of components for agricultural machinery

By combining a wide variety of materials such as rubber, plastic, fabric and metal, we develop solutions individually tailored to your requirements. For the field of agricultural engineering we offer the following components, among others:

  • Silentium Drive, the quiet innovation in combine harvesters
  • Slip tyre, consisting of rubber tyre and rim
  • Profile roller elements for the gentle processing of legumes and herb-rich fodder
  • Seed units, consisting of seed tube and saw housing
  • Dosing wheels made of highly abrasion-resistant rubber
  • Conveyor belts and sieve rod belts
  • Drive and bale press rollers
  • Light and rubberised plastic idlers
  • Round bale press belts
  • Rubber dampers (shaped cords)
  • Hoses and hose lines
  • Dosing discs made of plastic, for precise dosing of the seed

The Silentium Drive –
for more innovation
in agriculture

Our innovative conveyor system for combine harvesters is specially adapted to the shaft conveyors of common combine harvester types and can therefore be retrofitted in your machine without any problems! The most important component is the rubber fabric belt which runs particularly smoothly and smoothly. Due to the cam drive, this belt decisively reduces the noise emission of running agricultural machines as well as the wear of chain and gear wheels.

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