JetFlex® HD Disc Diffuser (HD-Series)

An important element in biological treatment plants is the aeration system. The JetFlex® HD disc diffuser series is a fine-bubble aeration system operated by compressed air. It is used worldwide in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Our disc aerators combine low design, installation and maintenance costs with reliability, durability and efficiency – for intermittent and continuous aeration. The disc aerators can be equipped with an optional check valve that prevents backflow of sludge water into the pipeline even if the diaphragm is defective. To increase the efficiency of existing aeration systems, we also offer retrofit kits and exchange membranes.

JetFlex® HD disc diffuser also offer the following advantages:

  • Different perforation types according to operating conditions and requirements
  • Precise slits for high oxygen input and low pressure drop
  • Active diameters from 184 mm, over 218 mm to 295 mm
  • Selection of standard and special materials:
    EPDM, silicone and FKM
  • Softener-free membrane made of silicone

JetFlex® HD disc diffuser are used for the following aeration applications:

  • Aeration of waste water
  • Oxygen input into aeration tanks
  • Oxygen input for sludge stabilisation
  • Aeration of rivers and lakes
  • Pre-treatment of industrial waste water
  • Aeration of concentrate and leachate from biogas plants
  • Aeration of constructed wetlands
  • CO2 gassing for neutralization
  • Aeration of drinking water
  • Ozone fumigation of process and waste water

Our range of accessories for disc diffuser in waste water technology

  • EPDM holder
  • PVC adhesive saddle
  • Check valve
  • Tapping clamp with different threads for various pipe diameters
  • Adapter
  • Supports for piping

Also available from Jäger Umwelt-Technik:

  • Stainless steel clamp
  • Clamping pliers
  • Stainless steel connector for square tubes
  • End plug for floor bracket
  • Floor bracket for aerator

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