The MRF flights consists of rubber vulcanized onto a rod with a diameter of 8 or 10 mm. The drivers are available in two different heights:

MRF 60
60 mm height, measured from the top of the bar

MRF 80
80 mm height, measured from the top of the bar

The MRF flights are manufactured with side wings as standard. On request these side wings can be cut to the required strip width.

The length of the top and bottom side are always in a certain relation to each other. The minimum and maximum available lengths can be found in the table about MRF flights. If the carrier is required for a three-belt belt, a recess is provided in the area of the middle belt. The corresponding gear run has also been taken into account.


This category includes various designs ranging from simple flat bars welded onto a rivet rod to constructions in 2- to 6-row sugar beet harvesters. The BR type is mainly used on sieve rod belts in sugar beet harvesters.

The basic construction is a tube which is mounted with oversize over two half rods. The driver version is mounted on this. The two half rods and the support rod are usually supplied in thermally hardened design. The metal bends and fingers can be welded onto the tube in any desired length, diameter and shape.

The BR type driver is available in two basic types:

BR 75 type
continuous tube with central clamping pin to prevent lateral displacement.

BR 77 Type
split tube fixed in the middle with a bolt.

The two half bars and the support bar can be rubberized to reduce the play between the bars, damp the tube and reduce the wear of the metal parts. All our types of drivers can be found in our catalogue.


The plastic flights are manufactured in a mold by means of injection molding. Due to the production method, each driver has a fixed dimension, only the plastic flights 645 (9 fingers) with a length of 645 mm can be shortened to the desired length. The plastic drivers have been developed to replace iron drivers on transfer belts in sugar beet harvesters. In addition to its light weight, plastic has the advantage of being able to withstand relatively high bending and pressure loads as well as shocks.

The plastic flights 460 (7 fingers) is made of hard and tough plastic and is usually used on a bunker unloading conveyor in a sugar beet harvester. This driver has a standard length of 460 mm. Depending on the number of drivers, the belts and the belt width, the following belt widths are possible:

Belting Belt width Quantity of flights 460 (7 Finger)
2 x 60 mm 580 mm 1
2 x 75 mm 610 mm 1
3 x 60 mm 1100 mm 2
3 x 75 mm 1145 mm 2

The plastic element flights offer a greater possibility of variations in the bandwidth. They are arranged on two bars next to each other. Two different types are available: the element driver 155 (2 fingers) with a finger spacing of 85 mm and the element driver 65 (1 finger), which has a finger spacing of 65 mm when only individual fingers are arranged in a row, but can be enlarged to any finger spacing using spacers. The element drivers are often used on a ring elevator belt in a sugar beet harvester.

Snapping Mitnehmer

The snap-on flights consist of a plastic foot, whereby at least two driver feet are mounted on a rivet rod (detachable connection by means of snap lock). The rubber driver profile is pushed into the groove of the foot. This type of driver has been developed in order to be able to retrofit a driver even on already riveted rod bands. Furthermore, you have the possibility to choose the distance between the drivers yourself and to change it if necessary. Snap-on drivers are supplied separately. The driver base and the driver can be supplied separately.

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