Listening and finding solutions is our philosophy. Our qualified employees search for the best solutions together with our customers – this is how we create unique and sustainable products.

1942 – 1949

The beginning of a success story

A few years after his apprenticeship at Continental-Caoutchouc- & Gutta-Percha Compagnie in Hanover, Arnold Jäger sen. joined a Hanoverian technical rubber goods wholesaler as an equal partner in 1922. Business is good.

But in 1942, the desire for independence is so great that Arnold Jäger sen. founds his own company in October 1942 – with the name Arnold Jäger Gummiwaren, Asbest-, Industrie- und Bergwerksbedarf, later Gummi-Jäger. Thanks to his distinctive commercial intuition and enormous work discipline, the young company soon developed into a leading company in Hanover and a well-known address beyond the borders of the region.


In March 1945, when the office building in Nikolaistraße was destroyed during the last Allied air raid on Hanover, all the company’s stocks and documents were destroyed. Together with his 76-year-old father August – an extremely practical person – Arnold Jäger sen. starts to build up the company for a second time from rubble and ruins.

The 2nd generation steps in

In 1948, the older son Arnold Jäger Jr. joined his father’s company. In addition to his commercial apprenticeship at Gummi-Jäger in the afternoon, he completes a technical apprenticeship in the morning at a Hanoverian rubber goods manufacturer, the company Gummi-Hansen, and then attends the technical school in the evening. With his technical expertise and his urge for technical perfection, Arnold Jäger junior ideally complements his father’s commercial skills.

1950 — 1959

Growth through customer proximity

In the early 1950s Arnold Jäger sen. establishes branches in Hamburg, Siegen, Neuss and Stuttgart, thus using the local proximity to the customer as a competitive advantage.

Expansion of the portfolio to include plastics

Arnold Jäger sen. was an entrepreneur who was always far-sighted in his decisions and always adapted them to the future-oriented needs of the market. Together with his son, he was aware of the importance of a broader product range that went beyond rubber articles. So it was only natural that Gummi-Jäger also integrated plastics into his range of products.

Development of own product families

From 1956 Arnold Jäger Jr. developed special ultra-high pressure flush drilling hoses and rubber moulded parts for pumps and drilling accessories for the oil industry, which at that time was located in the Celle/Hanover region. In this market segment, Jäger is still internationally represented today with stators and rotors for borehole oil pumps and deep drilling drives.

In 1959, Arnold Jäger Jr. starts the production of sieve rod belts for potato harvesters, thus decisively improving the harvesting process. The basis is a rubber-fabric construction, the “Jäger agricultural machinery belt”, which he significantly co-developed. Permanent further developments and patents lay the foundation for further production plants in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

1960 – 1969

25 years Gummi Jäger

As Gummi-Jäger celebrates its 25th anniversary in 1967, the company has established itself nationwide as one of the largest technical dealers, and its consulting competence is underpinned by its own production facilities.

Room for new ideas

Further locations in Braunschweig, Bremen, Frankfurt and Nuremberg strengthen the principle of “customer proximity”.

Expansion of the agricultural machinery division

In 1963, the agricultural machinery assembly department moved to its own production building in Hanover-Anderten. In the meantime, the Jäger agricultural machinery belt has replaced the iron chains previously used by all major harvesting machine manufacturers due to its low weight, smooth running and long service life, and has become established internationally as an industrial standard. 1968 saw the establishment of the company’s own production facility for industrial stators, shaft bearings and large-volume molded rubber articles.

1970 – 1979

Smooth generational change

In 1973 Arnold Jäger sen. died at the age of 77 and his son Arnold Jäger jun. took over the business.

Arnold Jäger Jr. and Dr. Klaus Pfennig, a business graduate who joined the company in 1972, put all their efforts into continuing the company’s success in the spirit of the founder. The sensible division of tasks within the management team allows Arnold Jäger Jr. to devote more time to the technical development of products and processes.

In-house production complements the trade

1974 Arnold Jäger jun. becomes the sole owner of Gummi-Jäger and the affiliated companies.

In 1975, the two production facilities of Gummi-Jäger for molded rubber articles and screen belts are merged under the name Artemis Kautschuk und Kunststoff-Technik in a 5,000 sqm new building in Hanover-Anderten.

Focus on quality

In 1985, Regina Jäger joined the company as managing partner of Artemis, established her own sales department for the various product groups and established an Artemis-specific product and process development department.

Today, Artemis Kautschuk- und Kunststoff-Technik provides central services in elastomer chemistry, such as compound development and the central testing laboratory, for the entire JÄGER Group. Furthermore, Artemis has a modern, computer-aided mixing plant for high-quality rubber compounds.

1980 – 1989

Change of location: New business location in Hannover-Kleefeld

In order to cope with the growth of the Gummi-Jäger business, the Hanover head office moves to new business premises with state-of-the-art office standards in Hanover-Kleefeld in 1982.

1990 – 1999

People shape the future

The 50th anniversary of the Gummi-Jäger company is celebrated extensively in Hannover in 1992 with all employees. The company remains true to the successful concept of the company founder: motivated, committed professionals who work independently in their field and identify with their company. To this day, the subject of training is still a top priority. Since the company was founded, 420 apprentices have completed their training in the various professions.

New environmental protection products

In order to cope with the further growth of rubber and plastic products, a new location is built in Hannover-Misburg in 1992.
A particular focus is on rubber membranes for the treatment of industrial and municipal waste water.

A product that Arnold Jäger jun. and his sons developed in the course of the emerging environmental protection debate at the beginning of the 1980s, and with which large amounts of energy are saved in wastewater treatment worldwide. From these products, the companies Jäger Umwelt-Technik in Hanover and later Jaeger Rubber & Plastics in Shenzhen (China) developed.

Family business Jäger

As far-sighted entrepreneurs, Arnold and Regina Jäger are preparing the continuation of the JÄGER Group for the next generation.
To ensure a smooth transition, the Arnold Jäger Holding is founded, under whose roof all individual companies as well as the central services of the JÄGER Group are combined.

With Andreas and Sebastian Jäger, the third generation joins the management of the JÄGER Group in 1994. Regina Jäger successively hands over the management of Artemis to Sebastian Jäger, while Arnold Jäger transfers the technical management of Gummi-Jäger to Andreas Jäger.
After the complete transfer of the management to Andreas and Sebastian Jäger, Arnold and Regina Jäger join the advisory board of the Arnold Jäger Holding in 1996.

Future market agricultural engineering

In the agricultural technology sector, the opportunity arose in 1996 to take over the then market leader for screen belts, the Dutch company Ernst August Broekema in Veendam with its US subsidiary Broekema Beltway USA in Hinckley, Minnesota. The decades of acquaintance of the entrepreneurial families Broekema and Jäger and the similar corporate philosophies facilitate the rapid integration of Broekema into the JÄGER Group.

Today, the “belts and tapes” division of Artemis in Hanover, Broekema in Veendam, Broekema Beltway in Pine City and the spare parts specialist Windgassen in Paderborn form a production network.

2000 – 2009

The next millennium

Marius-Quintus Jäger joins the management of Arnold Jäger Holding in 2002 and assumes responsibility for all central services of the JÄGER Group.

As a result of the structural change in the German agricultural machinery industry at the end of the 1990s, the company Windgassen in Paderborn, a former Artemis customer for agricultural machinery belts and at the same time competitor for screen bar belts, joins the JÄGER Group in 2003. Today Windgassen is a specialist in supplying agricultural machinery dealers and large end users with replacement belts and drive components for potato and vegetable harvesters.

New markets in China

The rapid industrialization of China is opening a large future market for hunter products, especially in the field of waste water technology. The founding of Jaeger Rubber & Plastics Ltd. in Shenzhen, China, enables local production and the establishment of a nationwide sales organization.

2010 – 2020

Consistent internationalization and specialization

In order to be able to supply the existing German clients in the USA and to strengthen the activities of the JÄGER Group in North America, the Jaeger Unit Sealing Solutions will be founded in August 2010 in LaPorte, Indiana, whose core business is focused on elastomer and thermoplastic extrusion.

After only a few years, the company is so successful that in 2014 it moves to a larger building. Broekema Beltway USA, which is active in the agricultural engineering sector, is also expanding with a new location in California and a production expansion in Pine City, MN.

In 2012, the JÄGER Group takes over a production site of a supplier in Gryfino near Szczecin, Poland. Jaeger Polska z o.o. specializes in the production of rubber and silicone molded parts and classic rubber-metal compounds.

Sustainability as a success factor

In 2012, the JÄGER Group integrates the company Cleartec Water Management GmbH with its future-oriented fixed bed technology for wastewater treatment.

Closer to the customer

In Airdrie near Calgary, we work together as a partner with the company Spira Systems Ltd. There, worn drill motor stators are re-gummed on site with Artemis’ rubber technology. Long transport distances and time losses for the “retreading” of stators in Germany are thus avoided and customers are served faster.

Basis for further growth

At the beginning of 2017, Jäger Polska moves into a newly built production building and is an important employer in the region.

75th company anniversary

In October 2017 Jäger celebrates its 75th company anniversary with 300 employees and invited guests in a stylish ceremony in Herrenhausen Castle.

New Headquarters

In 2017, Jäger Umwelt-Technik will move to its new location at Lohweg 1, a building adjacent to the Artemis site, so that the existing infrastructure can be shared. The new headquarters of the JÄGER Group is currently being built in Hanover-Anderten.

Leading by example into the future

The JÄGER Group is enthusiastic about innovations, which is why we also follow developments in the field of offshore wind power. Looking ahead, the company Jaeger Mare Solutions will be founded in 2019. With the aim of offering environmentally friendly solutions in the offshore sector that combine natural materials and renewable energies.