IFAS systems in waste water technology

An IFAS process (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) combines the advantages of conventional activated sludge with those of biofilm systems by combining the two technologies in a single reactor. In an IFAS system, synthetic media are used in the activated sludge tank as growth area for additional biomass. This combination allows a much higher biomass concentration and sludge age compared to conventional activated sludge processes.

The solid biomass also helps to improve the resistance of the system to organic or hydraulic shock loads. Our IFAS technology has been integrated into municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants to modernize existing systems (improving treatment capacity and wastewater quality) and reduce the space requirements of new plants (by optimizing the aeration tank volume). With the IFAS process, an increase in treatment capacity of up to 100 percent can be achieved without construction work.

The process with Cleartec® Biotextil

    1. Cleartec® Biotextile
    2. Biofilm
    3. flexibility
    4. Removal of surplus

or completely mineralised biomass

  • absorption of oxygen and pollutants
  • fine-bubble aeration
  • aeration flow / turbulence
  • suspended biomass

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