Pure water for everyone!

Good water quality is vital for a functioning ecosystem and therefore essential for every human being. However, water bodies worldwide are polluted by industry and society and need to be treated in a targeted manner. The companies Jäger Umwelt-Technik as well as Jäger Rubber and Plastics set standards in this regard! We have set ourselves the goal of optimizing the efficiency of biological treatment in wastewater treatment plants worldwide through innovative solutions.

The use of perforated elastomeric membranes in the form of our Jetflex® aeration systems (tube aerators, disc aerators, strip aerators) ensures an efficient pre-treatment of industrial wastewater and a reliable purification in municipal wastewater plants. In combination with the textile fixed bed systems Cleartec® Biotextil and Cleartec® BioCurlz, we ensure clean water in polluted areas all over the world.

Our entrepreneurial activities worldwide are based on the economical use of energy and raw materials. In all production and service processes we keep the pollution of air, soil and water as low as possible. We also work continuously on the development of environmentally friendly products to ensure sustainable corporate management.
Dr. Andreas Jäger, Management

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