Stators for eccentric screw pumps

In the field of materials handling, progressive cavity pumps are successfully used for tasks that exceed the technical possibilities of pumps of conventional design. They have decisively expanded the range of available conveying systems and are used for conveying highly viscous, abrasive and corrosive media. The components of the progressive cavity pumps are the fixed stator and the rotating component, the rotor. Rotation and the design of both components create chambers through which the respective media are transported from the suction to the discharge side of the pump.

Stators consist of a steel jacket lined with rubber. The composition of the rubber compound in the stator depends on the requirements of the progressive cavity pumps and the medium to be pumped.

In materials handling technology, not only the abrasion behaviour but also the given physical, chemical and thermal medium properties are important factors that affect the composition of the material in the stator. The rubber mixture is therefore composed in such a way that the material wear of the stator is kept as low as possible. This increases the service life of your stators and prevents costly failures.

Our stators for eccentric screw pumps have been used successfully for many years by well-known pump manufacturers worldwide in various fields of application:

Wood processing and cellulose production

In paper mills, pulp, groundwood, glue and paint must be conveyed by means of stators. These are media of crumbly consistency, medium to high viscosity and chemical aggressiveness. The stators from Artemis guarantee a long service life of the progressive cavity pumps.

Dosing technology

In the electronics industry in particular, ever smaller components must be bonded or encapsulated. One of the main tasks of stators is therefore to convey very small quantities of various media with a high degree of repeat accuracy without dripping. Due to the composition of the materials specifically adapted to the media, our stators achieve the highest possible chemical resistance!

Food industry

In the food industry, eccentric screw pumps are replacing old, manual processes in the harvesting of grapes, fruit and olives. They are also used in the dairy industry or in the confectionery industry to convey highly pasty masses such as chocolate, marzipan and dough. Our materials and stators used in the food industry meet the strict requirements and quality standards of the food law thanks to our quality controls.

Construction industry

Especially in the construction industry, the screw conveyors have to convey extremely abrasive substances. Artemis offers stators of various designs with a rubber or plastic casing or slotted steel tube for retensioning to prevent wear and tear of the progressive cavity pumps as far as possible. We develop solutions for you so that we achieve an optimum service life for your progressive cavity pump!

Petroleum industry

Downhole pumps in the field of crude oil production offer a high degree of economic efficiency compared to traditional pumping equipment. Thanks to their easy installation and maintenance, good controllability and high efficiency under difficult pumping conditions, there has been a worldwide increase in the number of pumps. To reduce long downtimes and costs caused by premature failures, we have developed special abrasion-resistant materials for the stators of the downhole pumps. The geometries are fine-tuned to the expected geological temperatures. We offer you complete systems as well as a relining service for worn stators.

Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, the resistance of the stator’s elastomer must meet the highest demands. Media to be pumped can be all kinds of substances, such as filter cake, which has hardly any liquid properties, sludge and many other chemical substances. Our sales teams and laboratory technicians will support you in selecting the appropriate compounds for your application. Our resistance list has proven to be a useful tool in this context.

Excellent mixing technology and highest quality

Artemis supplies a wide standard range of compounds that are resistant to a variety of media. We have our own compound development and production facilities, enabling us to respond optimally and flexibly to customer requirements.

Using the latest 3D technology, our application engineers design perfectly matched stator and rotor geometries with subsequent simulation of the operating behaviour.

Compliance with functionally tight dimensional tolerances of the manufactured stators is essential for us. To ensure this, we test the composition and quality of our self-produced or purchased mixtures as well as products in our in-house test laboratories. Our extensive machine park enables us to produce small, medium and large series of almost any stator size at optimum part costs for you.

Spiral stators

Artemis also manufactures stators with uniform rubber wall thickness under the brand names TWISTER® for plaster mortar pumps and SPIRA® for the oil sector. The properties of the coiled stators considerably extend the range of applications for the progressive cavity pump!

  • Increased efficiency of the pump

  • better heat dissipation, increased service life

  • no premature drop of the delivery volume at higher delivery pressures

  • Higher overall delivery pressure (between 30 and 50% per stator stage compared to conventional stators)

  • or vice versa: shorter pumps

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