Fastening components for belts

The JÄGER Group supplies optimally coordinated fastening components depending on the installation situation and conditions of use. When connecting belts and rods, we distinguish between detachable and non-detachable connections. Detachable connections for quick installation on site are just as possible as riveted and endlessly vulcanized connections.

High-quality products for demanding applications

With our stepped or shafted and then vulcanised endless joints, we achieve release strengths far above the specifications and thus enable high load change stress. Artemis sets standards in the development of endless wound belts in any length as if “from a single mould”.

Our innovative technology opens up further diverse applications for rubber fabric belts in a wide range of applications. These long-life belts replace heavy, noisy and wear-prone steel chains in machines for agriculture, waste management, soil remediation and beach cleaning. They make it easy to increase conveying speeds. The existing nominal strength of the belts can be fully utilised. In addition, compared to conventional splicing technology, a lighter fabric construction with lower strength can be made possible when used with smaller deflection diameters. A high pitch accuracy is achieved by a defined fabric pre-stretch. Even with friction drive with hydraulic pre-stretching, a long service life can be achieved with this system.

Within the JÄGER Group, it is possible to continuously develop the different types of connections through laboratory and test bench tests under simulation of real operating conditions.

Fastening components: Rivets and plates

We have developed various fasteners for the perfect fastening of the rivet rods on the belts. State-of-the-art riveting machines with automatic feed and laser-controlled rod positioning enable the highest quality. We implement the following concepts:

  • Rod bands with rivet plates and rivets: Our specially manufactured rivet plates are galvanized as standard to protect against corrosion. The rivets are made of a special steel according to DIN 661 and are available with a straight head or with a chamfer. Some dimensions are also available in stainless steel according to DIN 661.
  • Our flat-head rivets according to DIN 675 are used for light loads, they do not require rivet plates.
  • Our threaded plates have two threaded holes. In case of an overlap connection they are suitable for the mounting of overlap rods. The plates are also suitable for the replacement of rivet rods.
  • Instead of rivet plates we can also use vibrating blocks. If the belt runs over support rollers, a trembling effect can be achieved with the help of these vibratory blocks. The intensity varies depending on the distance between the vibrator blocks.

Centre belt connector

For wide harvesting and sieve belts we use one or more central belts. The rivet rods can be attached to the middle belts in various ways, a distinction is made between direct riveting and the use of a clamping bracket. We supply the following systems for joining at high working widths:

1. with direct riveting:
These center deflections are designed with convexity “upwards” as standard. Convexity “downwards” is optionally available.

Not upset, just flattened and provided with a hole.

Not upset, just flattened and provided with two holes

Heavily compressed center deflection with broad forging

Heavily upset center deflection with thick forging

Two bar deflections riveted offset

2 With the use of a clamping bracket:
These center deflections are designed with convexity “upwards” as standard. Convexity “downwards” is optionally available.

Metal brackets mounted around the rod

medium clamp
Metal brackets mounted around the rod; two versions are available: The first one for continuous bars and the second one for two half bars, which additionally prevent lateral slipping.

Metal brackets mounted around the rod (corresponds to half a WB-clip)

KS Clamping bracket
Cast iron Clamping bracket

Welded clamping bracket
Metal clamping bracket welded together at the top.

2-lips clamping yoke
Metal clamping bracket

3-lips Clamping bracket
Metal clamping bracket for V-shaped hedgehog profiles

4-lips Clamping bracket
Metal clamping bracket

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