Sprockets and Drive Wheels

Drive elements are used in agricultural machinery as positive drive systems. Driving wheels or sprockets transmit the power of the motor to the screening belt. The JÄGER Group offers various drive wheels, which are available in diameters from 120 to 800 mm.

The following four drive options can be distinguished:

Driving method Belting profile Type of drive wheel
Via the rods Low profiles, double profiles HS-RT-Z
Via under belt cams High profiles, double profiles N
Via rods and cams High profiles, double profiles NC
Friction drive All profiles FRD – HS – KW


Cast iron forms the heart of all drive wheels. Most drive wheels are separable to facilitate assembly and replacement. The wheel halves form matching pairs and must not be mixed. Our drive wheels are supplied drilled and keyed according to your specifications and, depending on requirements, the type and size of the keyways are cut according to German DIN (metric) or customs standards. The friction drive types FR, FRD and KW can be used with any belt type and pitch.

HS Drive wheels The drive teeth grip directly between the downward curved rod. The drive belt is supported by the lateral cage fingers to prevent wear in the tooth root and to ensure a constant pitch circle diameter throughout its life. The basic length of the flights or the rod cover require free paths for the sprocket.
3TB Drive wheels The drive toothing works directly against the upward curved, i.e. convex, rod. They are often used in conveyor systems with one or more central belts to which the rods are attached with clamps or clamps. The rods with middle clamps are usually positioned higher and therefore require a larger pitch circle diameter. 3 TB drive wheels are found on HS, RT, NC and Z drive types.
RT Drive wheels The actuator of the RT type is similar to the type HS, but has a solid side ring support flange. RT units offer a perfect pitch circle diameter for the heaviest loads. With this sprocket type, it is possible to mount a scraper to prevent the accumulation of dirt.
Z-Typ Drive wheels With the Z-type, the rivet rods are located in the lower area of the tooth form. The wheels are used for light applications.
NC Drive wheels The NC drive wheel is a combination of a HS and N drive wheel and was developed for high belt profiles. For optimum power transmission, this drive wheel is driven via rods and cams.
N Drive wheels The N drive wheel is designed for cam profile belts. The drive fingers engage in the cams of the belt and drive it. Since there is no contact with the rods, there is no wear of the rods, which makes this type of sprocket run very smoothly. The N-type is the preferred drive system for Silentium Drive applications.

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