Cleartec® BioCurlz

Cleartec® offers an attached growth media in the shape of a synthetic textile which is waste water resistant. The material is either Polypropylen (PP) – Biotextile or a combination of PP and Saran (PVdC) – BioCurlz. In order to keep the media in the system, the textile is fixed to e.g. a Stainless Steel module. Nevertheless the media is able to move due to the textile nature. The increased biomass produced by the curl-like textile enables biological wastewater treatment on a small surface area.

6 cords per retaining bar unit

Field of application
Biological stage of a sewage treatment plant, municipal,
Industrial, special applications

Service features sludge properties
SSVI = approximately 80-100 ml/g

Capacity increase
more than 50 % through additional biomass (no expansion necessary)

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