Cleartec® Biotextil

Energy-efficient wastewater treatment with textile high-performance fixed bed – for municipal and industrial wastewater

Biological wastewater treatment with textile fixed bed

Cleartec® Biotextil is a textile growth carrier for microorganisms and is used for expansion or perfor-mance enhancement in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. It is also used for space-saving biological treatment or pre-treatment of industrial waste water directly in the plant. The high efficiency enables a very compact design when constructing new sewage treatment plants. Cleartec® Biotextil is made of Polypropylen (PP).

Its flexibility, highly structured, large active surface and high resistance to chemicals relevant to wastewater technology make it an excellent material for supporting biological activity in wastewater treatment plants.

The advantages of Cleartec® Biotextil at a glance:

  • Structured growth surface with large surface area
  • Built-in cage
  • Stable discharge values with very good BOD and nitrogen elimination
  • Particularly energy efficient due to optimal flow
  • Fixed bed and aerator can be controlled by liftable support frames
  • No blocking due to flexible structure
  • Active together: suspended and sessile biomass
  • Increased performance for existing plants
  • Relief of the secondary clarifier
  • Reduction of investment and operating costs

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