Products for your safety: Corona Protection Solutions

At Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff you will find a wide range of standardized products for protection against COVID-19 infection as well as individually adapted articles in the field of hygiene measures for corona protection!

New products for Corona Protection

We at the JÄGER Group support you in effectively protecting yourself and the people in your working environment. At a time when mutual consideration and compliance with hygiene regulations is more important than ever, special products are increasingly required to protect against droplet infections. Especially in public areas it is therefore necessary to take measures to contain COVID-19. Disinfection options as well as spacers and spit guards are essential to realize these plans.

Face Protection / Faceshield

The face mask is made of polycarbonate and can be attached to the head by means of a length-adjustable silicone strap. Use the Faceshield to protect your employees and customers from being infected by droplets.

Advantages of spit protection for the face:

  • Individually adaptable
  • Good wearing comfort
  • Complete overview
  • Lightweight design

Mask Holders: More comfort for easy mouth-nose protection!

As an alternative to complete face protection, we offer mask holders that make wearing simple mouth and nose protection more comfortable. The holders are located at the back of the head and thus take the pressure off the ears or leave more space behind the ear for glasses or hearing aids.

Door opener as a helping hand provides more protection

In order to minimize the risk of infection, especially at door handles, so-called door openers for operation with the forearm help. The door openers can be easily attached to existing handles and removed again later.

Innovative protective handle for on the move: contactless operation of devices

With the handy protective handle, toilet flushes, elevator buttons and other frequently used public devices can be operated without contaminating your own fingers.

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Photos: @SPÄH; Adobe Stock