Seed Drill Innovation

The innovations in seed drills lie in the detail. With new thinking and on the basis of our experience with rubber and plastics, the JÄGER Group develops products and assemblies for modern agriculture and thus decisively facilitates the everyday life of farmers. In the further development of seed drills, it is important to perfect the sowing and cultivation of the grain. Too much sowing at one point is just as undesirable as too much free space.

Exchangeable inserts matching the seed

The JÄGER Group has developed improved interchangeable rubber inserts for the automatic dosing unit. In the unit, the seeds are correctly dosed via rotors. The individual rotors have the same internal structure, via which the connection to the drive shaft is made. On the outside they are adapted to the respective seed in size and shape, which makes it easy to change the inserts. Contractors and farmers need this quick exchange on site so that the machines can be retrofitted for different purposes and service life is kept low.

Individual development for dosing discs: Environmental conditions require special rubber compounds

Together with the seed drill manufacturers, we develop the metering wheels in such a way that they meet the respective chemical and climatic requirements. Sowing at ten degrees outside temperature may require a different rubber compound than sowing in a hot environment. The rubber can be adapted by selecting the compound. Here we can draw on our wealth of knowledge from product development with rubber and plastic. The JÄGER Group has sophisticated test methods and test procedures at its disposal to determine the right rubber compound for the application.

The seed is usually supplied with a suitable fertilizer addition, the fertilizing of the sowing is thus completed. When selecting the material, we pay particular attention to ensuring that the chemically aggressive fertiliser used is neutral in relation to the polymer mixture used in the rotors. Further important criteria of our customers are the abrasion resistance of the mixture as well as durability in agricultural use. Here you benefit from our many years of experience in compound development and optimisation!

Slack tyre as pressure roller in endurance run

To prevent the seed from lying open in the furrows, seed drills use floppy tyres as pressure rollers. The number of floppy tyres depends on the number of rows sown. The JÄGER Group manufactures assemblies which consist of high-strength rubber and highly resistant plastic rims. The penetration of soil into the slack tyre is impossible due to the well thought-out construction. The floppy tyres have loadable ball bearings. Lip seals and dust caps provide optimum protection against the penetration of earth or dust.

Rubber dampers reduce vibrations in seed drills

A further seed drill innovation are the rubber dampers which are used in many different ways. When the tines travel through the soil, they generate considerable vibrations. To prevent these vibrations from affecting the entire machine, the construction is supported by rubber dampers. In this way a large part of the vibrations can be absorbed by the rubber. The result is improved running smoothness and a lower load on the entire machine. Our materials expertise enables us to use agricultural machinery in all climatic zones and for every application.

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